Project Coordinator:
Abdulkerim Bengi Anadolu Lisesi, Tarsus-Mersin, Turcia


Istituto Tecnico Industriale L. Trafelli, Nettuno

Colegiul Național Pedagogic ”Mircea Scarlat” , Alexandria

IMS Private School, Limasol, Cipru

SOU Ljupco Santov Kocani, Macedonia

  Partners are schools that want to improve students’ performance, want to use innovative teaching methods and learning methodology, want to share experiences with us, want to create collaboration between partners, their students will find the chance to study with partners from other countries.

  Our partnership includes partners who are experienced and have already used innovative methods and want to learn more through co-operation with other schools and who do not have such experience in projects and in using innovative methods but want to learn new ways to increases performance.

December 16, 2017