Istituto Tecnico Industriale L. Trafelli

Background and Experience

The Institute Luigi Trafelli is the largest secondary school in the district with about 900 students and 120 employees. It is located in Nettuno, 60 km south of Rome, in an urban area. It is attended by students from different backgrounds. They come from Nettuno or from the surrounding areas. It is also attended by many foreign students, mainly Dianabol 20 from Romania, North Africa and India. There is a considerable number of students with specific learning difficulties. It is a combined school with General and Technical studies. The technical school offers four specializations; Electronics, Mechanics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. These students achieve a specific qualification which enables them to apply for relevant jobs or university studies. The general school is a High School with particular focus on scientific subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and it is attended by students who will continue their studies at University.

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December 28, 2017