SOU Ljupco Santov Kocani, Macedonia

Background and Experience

“SOU “Ljupco Santov” is a secondary school situated in town of Kochani in the east part of Macedonia. It educates students in comprehensive knowledge and economic skills. The school has graduated students who became successful on state level and abroad. The school is a three storey building with 18 classrooms, specialized classrooms for music, art, computer studies, accounting, multi media center, dance studio, gym, vast playground and a big library with a huge collection of books.
The school is attended by 680 students in 2016/17 school year. The teaching staff (60 employees) teaches the students utmost care ,guide them with their assessment and other preparations and help them in times of need. Beside the regular syllabus, the school also organizes numerous extracurricular activities where students present their abilities and skills to the public. The school basketball team, football team and futsal team (indoor football) continually win competitions. The school choir and orchestra are recognized by their town and school anthem which is composed by music teachers. The students also take part in international art contests and win awards. The dance club gives students an opportunity to present their creativity through dance and music. The school also has an eco -committee composed of the school staff and students. Their goal is to increase the ecological awareness in the community and to promote the idea of healthy environment.
The school also has an excellent collaboration with the state and international organizations such as Peace Corps, USAID which organize activities to promote the idea of co-existence ,mutual respect and understanding of multi-ethnic communities.
In 2008 we started cooperation with the Turkish school “Kadıkoy” from Istanbul, which has been going on till present day.

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December 28, 2017