National Pedagogical College “Mircea Scarlat” Alexandria

Background and Experience

National Pedagogical College “Mircea Scarlat” Alexandria is representative at county and national level, being the only high school with pedagogic profile in the county of Teleorman. This is one of the reasons why pupils all over the county choose to study here during the four years of secondary education.

Having a history and tradition which can be traced back to the year 1873, in the long run it has formed more than a thousand school teachers. In recent years, our high school has become one of the best in the county, with exceptional results in terms of both compulsory school education and extracurricular activities.

National Pedagogical College “Mircea Scarlat” Alexandria offers the following branches of study, profiles and specializations:

  • Vocational education, with the pedagogical pathway, where primary and kindergarten teachers are formed;
  • Theoretical education with two main fields of study: the humanistic and the realistic pathway. We have philology classes with bilingual study in both Romanian and English languages, two more philology classes and mathematics – ITC classes.

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December 28, 2017