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Project Coordinator – Abdulkerim Bengi Anatolian, Turkey

Background and Experience

Abdulkerim Bengi Anatolian high school was founded in 1987. It is located in the south of Turkiye, Tarsus/ Mersin. Our school had its first graduates in 1994. Our aim is to help our students to go to university and go on their education life.
Our mission is to educate students who are aware of science and technology, open to the variations and improvements, who think the education is necessary, are able to live their values and keep them alive, have tolerance, know at least one foreign language well, have confidence , are dependent on ATATÜRK’s principles and revoluations, protect and improve ATATÜRK’s principles and revoluations. We equip our students with the contemporary and current information. All of our members serve for our vision and mission.
We are secondary school with 834 mixed pupils who are between 14-18 years old , 55 teachers and we have 4 paid staff. We have maths, science, social science,literature, language (English and Germany), physical education, religion, phylosophy, art and music lessons. There are 29 classrooms and 34 students in each class. There are three buildings at our school, one is classrooms and management rooms building, one is sports saloon and the other one is canteen building. There is a science lab, chess room, art room, music room, ICT room, conferance hall in our classrooms and management building.
We have got two disabled students, one of them has a wheelchair. It is observed that there is a decreas in the social and economic structures of the students coming according to the exam they take to come to this school during the last years. We also have students who have geographical obstacles and coming from their villages by the help of Turkish Ministry of Education.
Our school took part in a comenius project ‘The European Job Market’ between 2009-2011 and completed it successfully. Our student became third in region and sixtieth in Turkey in Tubitak Chemistry Olympia in 2011. Also one of our students became The Third in university exam in Turkey in 2003. We hold TUBİTAK project activities at our school in April each year. During these activities our students exhibit their creative projects. Furthermore we have sports activities like voleyball, football and basketball. We have some cups in these fields.
Our school has been a google school since October 2014. Our maths teachers are using this method successfully in our school. We have courses in all subjects. We use EBA (Educational informatics network) and DYNED (DYNamic EDucation) in courses. DYNED is an education based on computer.

Presentation of the  Abdulkerim Bengi Anatolian High School

December 28, 2017